Grand Tournament Denmark 2023

Grand Tournament Denmark

A 120 players Warhammer Age of Sigmar tournament in the suburban Copenhagen, Denmark

About us

Grand Tournament Denmark is a brand new, factory fresh, 4-man team tournament for Warhammer – Age of Sigmar, created by a small group of committed players with previous experience in organizing tabletop events as well as national- and international playing experience.

Our aim is to create a premier tournament experience for players of all ages and all levels. With room for a total of 120 players, we’re looking to be Denmark’s largest Age of Sigmar event ever.

Let’s make history!


Who are we

We are three guys (Svend, Miguel, and Jon), who each represent a different aspect of the hobby, who came together through our love of the game. We come to this with an excess of organizational experience from both Age of Sigmar as well as other games, hobbies, and organizations. With Grand Tournament Denmark, we hope to be able to combine our different background with our shared passion to create a fun and innovative Age of Sigmar event for everyone.


Grand Tournament Denmark is held in cooperation with:

Rollespilsforeningen Dragonfactory

Rogue Trader København 

Battle of Copenhagen

Ungdomshuset Vognporten


You can buy the team ticket on the homepage. Click the link to find tickets.

Remember to also sign up the team on

Finding us

Having trouble finding your way? We’ve made a detailed guide to help guide you from the airport to central Copenhagen, and from central Copenhagen to our venue.

The venue adress is:
Aktiv Center Ballerup
Rolighedsvej 12
2750 Ballerup

Contact us



We see any Age of Sigmar tournament as chance for social bonding as well as to compete in a game we love. Therefore, we have arranged an after party on Saturday at




Sankt Jacobsvej 1B (Courtyard)

2750 Ballerup

To add a little flavor to our afterparty, we have added a set of Grand Strategies and Battle Tactics for the evening. Each team will be able to pick up a Grand Strategy and one Battle Tactic at random at the beginning of the after party. Once a battle tactic is complete, another may be picked at random until 5 has been completed. As usual, two points will be awarded for completing a battle tactic and three for a grand strategy. However, an organizer may award bonus points for creativity.

We hope to see many of you for a fun evening at Baghuset.